Lincoln Park Zoo with the Hutte Family

On Saturday, the Hutte family (Stacey, Shane, Jasmine and Jahnu) made a trek up to Chicago for the day. They were planning on meeting some Chicago friends at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and Liz and I joined up with them around noon.

L to R it’s Jasmine, Shane and Jahnu.

It was a beautiful day outside – sun and clear skies. Seeing the giraffe slowly grazing, over the crowd of people watching was pretty neat.

Tongue closeup.

Mr. Ostrich.

Shane, showing Jahnu a small hippo in the corner.

Meerkats, just chillaxin’.

Around 3PM, Liz and I headed home to run a few errands. We met up with everyone at our apartment in Logan Square. By the time Stacey and Shane got to our place, Jahnu was fast asleep in the car (he hadn’t napped, and was getting really, really cranky).

Rather than risk moving him, Shane stayed out to nap in the car with Jahnu. Inside, Jasmine got to meet Baxter and Quincy for the first time.

Quincy, chewing on some hay.

Jasmine, being very slow and polite.

All in all, the bunnies were very well behaved. Quincy is super laid back, and wasn’t too scared at all. Baxter was a little more hesitant (and always has been, around children). But after we talked to Jasmine about not making sudden movements (which scare Baxter), we were able to slowly get her to come out and hang out a bit. I think Jasmine may have been the first kid to ever pet Baxter.

Quincy and Baxter.

For whatever reason, I was extremely tired from the few hours we spent at the zoo. I didn’t do all that much beyond walking around, but by the time we were home… I was exhausted. I took a pretty hard nap, and around 8PM we all headed out to dinner.

Once again, my sister snagged the bill before I had a chance to. I had briefly thought about talking with our server right when we sat down, but Stacey totally beat me to it. Despite the fact that they were visiting us, they picked up the check. Totally unfair.

We had a nice meal at Ciao, a place we walk by everyday… but only visited today. It was good pizza, and we had more than enough for leftovers the next day. Reminded me a lot of Italy and our honeymoon, actually.

Great, lazy, laid back day today with family. The perfect definition of a Saturday.

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