Dinner at Cooper’s Hawk

On Sunday, we had plans to go visit Liz’s folks down in Frankfort. This weekend was the annual Frankfort Fall Festival, and Liz and I were wanting to get there early in the day (the parade begins at noon, and a lot of the main streets get closed as a result).

After talking a bit more about our day, Liz and I decided we would skip the Fall Fest part of the day, and just go to dinner instead. Were we to go during the day, everyone would be out and about shopping… and we’d end up leaving before dinner. So we met up with everyone after the fair ended, and heade out to dinner together instead.

Sadly, I missed the awesome annual waterballoon war that takes place at the end of each Fall Fest parade. Julie mentioned wanting to introduce me to the organizers of the event, and that would have made for some great interviews/photos. Blast!

But next year, I’m definitely going to make the waterballoon fight. The parade is ok, but the ballons at the end are my favorite part. And who knows… maybe I’ll get a front row seat for the big fight. Not sure which side I’d choose though, as there’s a North/South rivalry thing going on.

On arriving in Frankfort, I noticed two bunnies in the neighbor’s yard.

For dinner, we all travelled to Cooper’s Hawk, in Orland Park. We joined Julie and Bob, Aunt Kathy, and Aunt Darlene and Uncle Mike. Everyone present was a huge fan of wine, and there was a definite buzz of excitement in the air.

Not the greatest photo, but this is looking in a storage area (to the left, there were two large tables set up for a private meal).

The evening began with a wine tasting. For only $7, we got to sample about eight different wines. It was nice, and I sort of remember a few. But to me, I think the experience was largely lost. After the third glass I tasted, they all started to blend together. I was talking with Uncle Mike about my experience with La Esmeralda, and how I just didn’t think I had a sensitive enough palatte for things like this.

Another blurry shot, but this was the wine dispenser for our table. We got a bottle, and the server poured the whole thing in (there’s a circular glass globe at the top, which the wine flows over on its way down. Felt pretty fancy.

We had a great meal, and I enyjoed listening to a lot of the table banter, back and forth. Part of the talk centered around when Julie first met Bob, and the days during their early courtship. Lots of wine at the table, and lots of joking around.

We were there for a good while at the restaurant, and were among the stragglers who left around 10PM.

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Frankfort Fall Festival: Waterballoon War, 2006
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