Vintage Sewing Boxes

While we were visiting in Frankfort yesterday, Liz’s mom gave Liz a ton of sewing supplies she had picked up at an estate sale.

Inside the large, black case was an old sewing machine. This was definitely an older machine, and made out of metal… quite heavy.

This box was a bit strange. The latch is on the right, and it opens out like a cabinet.

Inside, it was arranged a bit like a fishing tackle box.

Lots of thread, bobbins and assorted sewing stuff.

Next up, a smaller green plastic box.

Inside was two layers of thread.

And finally, the big yellow box.

This was the mother load. One full tray of thread, and the rest of the box was stuffed all the way with an assortment of needles, scissors, pattern weights and presser feet. Liz kept coming in to show me new things she had found (needles from Sears Roebuck + Co., things that came from shops that used to be in the Merchandise Mart). Crazy old stuff, and a veritable treasure chest.

Sew and Stitch!

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