Fat Man and Little Boy

Ever since Liz and I started going to the gym, we’ve added protein shakes to our diet. Over the weekend, we ran out… and since we’re both using the stuff, Liz decided to upgrade and got the larger container (on the left). Seeing the two of these together made me chuckle, and I had to take a picture.

Liz likes to have a protein shake right after a workout. I mainly have a shake during the day, around 3PM, sort of as a snack (I don’t believe protein shakes are really supposed to be a meal replacement).

Some days I’ll have a shake early in the morning, prior to working out. I’ve found that I have a hard time eating super early in the mornings; though my stomach is grumbling, it’s sometimes difficult to put down food. Drinking a shake tends to be easier, some days, than eggs and toast.

It’s been interesting getting on a routine, in terms of eating. According to Lorenzo, by training my body to expect food regularly, I’ll end up increasing my metabolism. I’m trying to make sure I eat at three hour intervals (6AM breakfast, 9AM snack, 12PM lunch, 3PM snack, 6PM snack, 8:30PM dinner). I’m typically hungry a lot more than I used to be, which I understand is a good sign.

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