Play Toy Store, Logan Square

is a new toy store that recently opened up in Logan Square. Like La Boulangerie Bakery, it’s been a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

I’ve walked by the store many times on my way home from work… but hadn’t stopped in until this weekend. We needed to find some presents for Paige and Audrey, and decided this was the perfect place to shop.

View of the front of the store, looking out onto Logan Boulevard.

Tons of board games. I like that science can be both mind-blowing AND disgusting.

View of the store, looking out towards Milwaukee.

I got lucky, and noticed a game in the bottom left called “Fire Power.” Heh.

I took a photo of this because it made me laugh out loud.

Yes, I am five years old.

Is the free prize bacon?

Some classic games, that never go out of style…

Ok. I won’t lie here… I was pretty tempted to purchase the “Tower of Doom” for myself.

And is it me, or is the kid on the right just a little too happy about his Tower of Doom?

A crib full of teddy bears and stuffed doggies. For some reason, I imagined them all coming to life when the store closes… gossiping about all the people they saw throughout the day.

Ugly Dolls are incredibly cute.

The two women who were running the shop really knew what they were doing. They were kind enough to let me take some photos of the place, and were really helpful in terms of advice. One of the gifts we purchased was a kind of etch-a-sketch for Audrey… and one of the shopkeepers told us a good tip on how to make sure the board is cleared each time.

As we were paying, I saw another woman help a customer who was looking for a birthday party gift for a 1 year old girl. There was no hesitation, and the two walked over immediatel to a specific section of the store.

If you’re in the area, and looking for toys… make sure to swing by Play in Logan Square

Here There Be Dragons (Chinatown)
Here There Be Dragons (Ikea)

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  1. My two year old has a “learn to dress monkey” and yes, they’re quite laughable. And also, I wanted to let you know, that unfortunately the free prize is not more bacon…but rather a tiny plastic pig. Those bacon band-aids were one of my most providential purchases of 2008.

    carrie. Reply

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