Kevin @ The Billy Goat Tavern

Got a note from Kevin over the weekend, and learned he’d be in town Monday evening for business. He was arriving later in the day, so we ended up meeting for dinner and drinks at the Billy Goat Tavern.

In 1978 John Belushi, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Loraine Newman all immortalized the location in a popular Saturday Night Live skit called “The Olympia.” This is where Belushi keeps yelling out the catchphrase “Cheezeborger, cheezeborger!” and “No fries, cheeps!” and “No Pepsi, Coke!” Ever since the skit aired, the Billy Goat became more popular than ever.

Here’s a question: is it Pepsi or Coke? I made a joke earlier in the day about ordering a Coke (based on my memory of the SNL skit). On the show, they cite Pepsi. But I was corrected later on, and told the Billy Goat served Coke (which ended up being true, as I ordered a Coke with no hassle).

It’s odd to me that, being inside the Billy Goat… I kept thinking But this is wrong! It’s different in the skit! As though a satire of the place held more authority than the place itself.

I’m going to go out on a limb, and say these folks are visiting from out of town.

Despite the temptation, I decided against having a horny goat.

Stuart and Kevin, chatting and catching up. It was a quick evening for me, but I was able to stick around to have a cheezzeborger and a Coke. Despite all my time living in Chicago, this was the first time I had ever eaten a the Billy Goat. It was a nice excuse to visit.

Congrats to Kevin and Molly, who are expecting their first in a matter of weeks. Going in to the final month, they sound like they’re prepared, excited, and ready for a new vocalist to join their band.

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