Dueling Dentists

Spotted this on the way to work a few days ago, and it gave me a chuckle. It’s two different dentist offices (the phone numbers listed are both different), and the sign on the right says “We’re moving to bucktown October 1st”).

When I took this photo, I feel like the “DENTIST” sign had just cropped up. In my head, I kept hearing the dentists talking to one another about their respective storefronts.

Dentist 1: What were you thinking, Al? You decided to open your shop right next door to me?
Dentist 2: This neighborhood ain’t big enough for the both of us.
Dentist 1: Screw this. I’m outta here.

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  1. so LOGAN SQUARE dental group will now be located in BUCKTOWN?

    rachelle Reply

  2. I actually think that the “skyline” graphic in the dental office on the right kind of resembles a hand displaying the middle finger to it’s next door neighbor. :) That’s what immediately chuckled at!

    Justin W. Siddons Reply

  3. Ha! I didn’t even think of that!

    avoision Reply

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