Paige and Audrey: Birthday Party in Frankfort

Two weekends back, Liz and I travelled to Frankfort to celebrate Paige and Audrey’s birthdays. We had an area in a small park basically to ourselves, had a lot of great food, and even played a little football.

It was really overcast (and the forecast called for rain pretty much all day). But to our surprise and delight, the rain never came.

Shortly after lunch, we got down to the sweets. Both Paige and Audrey each got their own cake.

The girls, about to dig in. L to R it’s Paige, Tricia, and Audrey.

L to R it’s Julie, Rebecca, Beth and Cozette all looking at how cute Sebastian is.

Paige is somehow able to pull off having a blue icing moustache. She looks dignified with that thing.

This is a photo of some Glycerin. Julie found some in her house, and it was the missing ingredient to my “giant soap bubbles” idea. I used this, along with a combination of distilled water and Dawn liquid dish soap… and tried to make bubbles thick enough that they’d get really big.

Sadly, the bubble formula didn’t work out. While we got some decent sized bubbles, none of them were as gigantic as I had hoped. I used 1 part Dawn, 10 parts Distilled Water, .25 Parts Glycerine. And when the bubbles started to break too early, I added in more Glycerine (but it didn’t seem to help).

Ah well, swing and a miss. It was still fun to try though, and I know I really enjoyed trying to slowly get big bubbles to come on out. I know the day was pretty windy, which didn’t help. But I’m thinking my formula was a little off.

Shortly after eating, everyone gathered on a nearby field to play some football. I think the last time I played was actually at Paige’s 1st Birthday, many years ago.

Initially, Liz and I were planning to sit out and just play with the bubbles. But after a while, we both decided to join in and I’m really glad we did.

I’m proud to say that I was the first one to score. The ball got kicked near Paige, who happened to be on the field at the time. Everyone was yelling at her ot pick up the ball and she did. Since I was nearby, I ran over and scooped her up… and ran her back into the other team’s end zone. Safety!

I averaged about 50% on catches. I dropped a few passes, and fell back on my butt trying to catch a punt. Not too shabby, since I’m excited to have caught (and held on to) anything at all.

I think playing so soon after lunch was a bit of a mistake. I had some chili dogs rumbling in my stomach, and it really wasn’t helping with all the running back and forth. I’ll tell you one thing though… I definitely got my cardio in, after this game.

Post-game. we gathered back near the tables to open gifts. L to R it’s Uncle David, Sandy, Rodney, Tricia and Darryl. Audrey is one who’s incredibly focused on her present.

Audrey, whose expression here is just priceless.

Paige, who seems to like her princess wand (which we purchased, among other things, at Play Toy Store, in Logan Square.

The nearby playground was pretty
amazing, in terms of size and number of slides, ropes and things to climb on. The sandbox area caught my eye, and I realized it was filled with all manner of trucks.

This was so awesome, I just had to take a picture. A part of me wanted to climb in there and start digging/building stuff, because that’s exactly what I’d do if I were a kid again. This would have been heaven for me, when I was younger.

Everyone… Meet Sebastian

Happy 2nd Birthday, Paige!
Happy 1st Birthday, Paige!
Happy 1st Birthday, Audrey!

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  1. i believe your bubbles didnt come out well because youve used a polyester line, try a cotton one.

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