Learn Continuous Chest Compression CPR: No Training or Mouth-to-Mouth Required

Last week, I had heard about Continuous Chest Compression CPR – a new way to perform CPR that doesn’t involve mouth-to-mouth contact, and requires no certification – anyone can do it.

I first saw it metioned online, and a few days later happened to see a brief commercial on TV, detailing the process. Since I’m getting a more visitors checking out my blog this week, I figured it would be a good opportunity to learn the procedure… and to share it with others.

I learned a few things that were really eye-opening. By performing Continuous Chest Compression, you double the person’s chance of survival! And almost as important… for every minute you delay CPR, the person’s survival rate drops by 10%. That’s a lot!

The biggest thing seems to be to do something if you see someone who’s collapsed, and who’s non-responsive. The person is effectively dead or dying, and anything, anything you do can only help. This new method doesn’t require any kind of training or certification, and literally anyone can do it.

Check out the informational video below. It’s only six minutes, and well worth the time. Your life may not depend on it… but someone else’s might.

[via MetaFilter]

// Edit: On further reflection, adding this video to the post seems appropriate:

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