Rob Funderburk + Third Coast: Book Docs

On Friday, October 1st, my friend Rob Funderburk will be at the 2010 Third Coast ShortDocs Challenge. He’ll be doing some “large scale doodling” during the event, which should be really cool to see.

A little bit about this year’s challenge, entitled Book Odds:

Produce a short audio story (up to three minutes) inspired by (and named after) song titles from The Books’ newly-released record The Way Out, and including at least two of eight samples carefully selected from their vast library of musical bits, strange phrases, and sonic doodads. Stories of all styles are welcome – from documentary to drama – and everything in-between.

Sadly, the deadline for submissions has already passed. But the good news is that if you want to hear what other folks have come up with… there’s a listening event this Friday at Chicago Urban Art Society (2229 S. Halsted) from 7 – 8:30PM.

And if you’re outside of Chicago, you’re in luck: there are over 140 audio stories at the Book Odds Repository for you to peruse!

My friend Rob is an incredibly talented artist, and the more work of his I see… the more versatile I find he is, in terms of style and format.

The photos in this post are from mutual friend Dan Rybicky (specifically here and here). I believe these were taken the day after my bachelor party, where we crashed at Dan’s place near the Indiana Dunes.

Rob is a really swell guy, and you should check out some of the stuff he’s done (see the “Related” links below). And if you’re in Chicago, come swing by on Friday – it’ll be a treat for the eyes and the ears.

Rob Funderburk Mural at Nomadic Studio, DePaul University Art Museum
Rob Funderburk’s Rookery Building Print
Rookery Building, Hand Delivered
Gretchen and Rob Get Married: Marquette Park
Hiding Out at the Hideout
Tokyo, by The Books


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