Meeting Krispijn

I’ve been talking with Krispijn Larrison, another Month at the Museum Finalist, over the past few days. We tried to get in touch with some of the other folks to arrange to meet the night prior to the big event. Alex couldn’t make it due to time constraints, and Kate was busy with a show she’s directing. Sadly, I wasn’t ever able to track down Johnathan.

So it ended up being just me and Krispijn (and Christa). The two of them trekked out to Logan Square and I joined them at Longman & Eagle.

We had a fun conversation, talking about the whole process and what the past two months have been like. It was neat to compare notes with other folks who have experienced things from the inside. The two of them were incredibly warm and friendly, and despite our different strengths and occupations and backgrounds, Krispijn and I seemed similar in a way. I suspect this will be the same, when I meet with the other Finalists… that all of us share a certain way of looking at the world.

Tomorrow is almost here. Tick tock.

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