Breakfast at MSI

I’m about to head out the door, and make my way to the Museum of Science and Industry. There’s a breakfast for all the Month at the Museum Finalists at 9AM, where we’ll get the chance to meet one another and… be nervous around one another for about an hour, I suppose.

In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to it. I had a blast last night, and expect we’ll all get to trade stories about what life has been like since this whole thing started. Having only seen them online, it’ll be nice to meet everyone in person.

At 10:30, there’s a “press event,” though I’m not entirely clear what that’s going to be. MSI is free today, and with the actual press event open to the public… I’m imagining a fairly decent sized audience for this thing.

I’ll try to post updates on Twitter as I can. Crazy to think that in a little over two hours, things will be decided upon… one way or another.

*deep breath*

Wish me luck.

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  1. Just saw the announcement, so sorry you didn’t win. But I’m kind of selfishly happy you’ll be “outside” for the next month. I discovered your blog as a result of the contest and your frequent posts and excellent pictures made it one of my new favorite blogs. I kind of lamented the lack of interesting photos if you had won, though I did vote for you. Hope you don’t take this too hard, and as always am looking forward to continued blogging.

    FrauTech Reply

  2. I agree with the above comment! I was dissapointed that you didn’t win either; I tried to vote every day! But I’m glad you’ll be blogging! Also, I saw a long string of ballons caught in some street lights arching over Fullerton at Kedzie last week and thought that would have been a great picture for you to capture.

    Andrea Reply

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