I Am Chicago: Random Portraits in Chicago’s Neighborhoods

Reggie and Denzel, taken in Lakeview.

I Am Chicago is a series of portraits featuring a portable, natural-light studio and random Chicagoans from various neighborhood corners. Photographed by Adam Novak, Sara Collins, and Andrew Zoechbauer, these are mesmerizing images of the people they encountered.

We spend a day […] documenting the characters of the city by inviting all who pass by to step into our studio. We take full-body portraits of them to record the exact way they have presented themselves to the streets on that given day, brown paper bags and all. Some strut, some smile, some grill, some glare, some frown…

I love the fact that they gave everyone who participated a 8 x 11.5 inch print of their portrait. No wonder they got some many folks to join in.

Clicking through all the neighborhoods, you could get lost pretty easily here. Half of the draw to me is how people choose to pose… and the other half of the draw is fashion. It’s tough to start, once you begin clicking through all the various neighborhoods.

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