Canvas Rider

Can it really be that over 4 years have gone by since the classic Line Rider emerged? Time sure flies when you’re building and jumping ramps.

The latest variation is called Canvas Rider, and takes advantage of HTML 5’s new <canvas> element. The controls are pretty simple: Enter resets the course, F puts you in full screen mode, and the arrow keys control movement (Up = accelerate, Down = brake, Left/Right = rotate).

Note: full screen mode is your friend here, and definitely makes things much easier.

There are a lot of fancy features available. You can draw and save your own tracks (for others to play). You can watch a track’s ghost (someone who has the best time recorded), or you can actually race against the ghost too.

Lots and lots of tracks here, for you to lose lots and lots of time. Some are incredibly detailed, and others are pretty basic and straight-forward.

For my money, I really enjoy hitting the Random Track page, and seeing what shows up. If I don’t like the track I’m on, a simple page refresh gives me a new one to try.

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Line Rider
Bicycle + Ramp + Pond = Awesome

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