Month at the Museum: Kate’s First Day

Check out some awesome photos of Kate’s first day of her Month at the Museum. Looks like they’ve redone the glass cube, and turned it more into an office. And it was neat to get a sneak peek into the private living quarters.

You can follow Kate’s adventures in a variety of ways. She’s on Twitter (@msikate, she has a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel all set up. And there’s also a lot of info on MSI’s Facebook page, and it looks like they’ve posted up some photos of her first day.

This is a total guess, by I’m thinking her blog will be at (which isn’t up currently, but just redirects to MSI’s contest page. Not 100% on that though.

Here’s the first video post she made, near the end of her first day:

Though I’ll admit I still feel twinges of sadness that I didn’t win, I’m genuinely excited for Kate’s adventures. Seeing all these fantastic first day images really has me smiling, ear to ear. It really does look as crazy and overwhelming and as awesome as I had imagined.

There’s a lot of ways for you to follow along, and Kate’s next 30 days should be pretty darn interesting…

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