Radiators and Sleep

The heat (we have radiators in our apartment) kicked on last night, and it was a nice sound to hear the soft ticking… as warmth spread across our entire apartment.

The sound, in the morning, was less than pleasant. Around 4 or 5AM, I woke up on and off due to a really loud, annoying metal clanging sound from the radiator in our bedroom (and bathroom). It sounded and felt like a man was sitting at the foot of our bed, banging two pipes together. Just when I thought I’d gotten back to sleep, it’d kick in again.

It was pretty loud.

Needless to say, I didn’t get great sleep as a result. Slept in more than usual, so sorry for the lack of upates here. Ugh. Today should be fun.

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  1. I feel your pain – Justin and I dealt with that in our first apartment, and it was pretty awful. We ended up sleeping with earplugs in, because nothing else could be done to stop the clanking.

    Margaret Reply

  2. You need to go buy a radiator key and bleed the air out of each radiator. This not only increases your energy efficiency but can also do away with the majority of the banging sounds.

    Ben Reply

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