Robot Costume, Lunchtime

Justin S was kind enough to accompany me during lunch, as I wandered around work looking for strangers to hug. As I was bopping about, he got some good photos and video of a ton of interactions. So far, I’d say that the costume’s been a big hit.

In front of the Barnes & Noble, State and Jackson.

In addition to hugs, lots of folks wanted their picture taken with me. Sign of a good costume!

Near Jackson and Wabash. I love the look on the kid’s face!

Looking for love…

This one was an artsy shot: Robot, emerging from shadow.

Aaaand, time for a little Jimmy John’s.

In addition to the photos, Justin S got a TON of video. Here’s a pretty long clip of all the people and hugs:

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  1. Looking for love huh?!

    Zilredloh Reply

  2. So funny and cute!

    Chelsea Reply

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