The Banana Jr. 6000 Lives!

I’m not usually one to share computer mods, but this one was too good to pass up. I was a big, big fan of Bloom County, and have fond memories of the Banana Junior 6000 (a parody of the Mac that came out in 1984).

Turns out, some crazy awesome nerd built a working version of the machine, complete with its own BananOS. A little technology, a little nostalgia. Love it.

For those not familiar with Bloom County, you can read some of the comic strips online.

[via MetaFilter]

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  1. No bananaphone?!

    Mellzah Reply

  2. I hear you calling, but I’m just gonna let it ring ring ring ring ring ring ring…

    avoision Reply

  3. Funny!! I have to go check out Bloom County now!!

    Jimmy Reply

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