Post-Work Poker

Last night, several folks got together post-work for some poker and drinks. We had 11 people total, which was a decent turnout and had us split into two groups.

Can it really be nearly a year since I last played poker with my coworkers? That can’t be right. Good lord.

About halfway through the evening, Chris C procures some Tequila and provides everyone with a shot. Notice how my chips don’t quite reach the tip of the little sippy cup?

Thankfully, we didn’t end up playing Tequila Texas Holdem and all the crazy rules we came up with for that game. That night got really ugly, really fast.

Fast forward a bit, and there are four of us left (Kevin, Mike, Me and AJ). Kevin, looking to revisit his 2009 victory goes all-in against Mike (who has Kevin covered, in terms of chips). There was a lot of betting back and forth, and all this happened before a single card was turned over. Here’s how it went down:

After taking Kevin down, Mike then knocked out AJ. Which left him and me playing head to head. After being on the ropes for the first half of the game, I had a couple of good hands and brought myself back to a decent position.

I went a few hands with Mike, and ended up going all-in when I got dealt Ace Queen. I can’t recall exactly what Mike had (Queen Eight?) but he ended up pairing the lower card on the Turn and knocked me out, winning the tourney.

Mike, the victor.

Though he was drawing lucky all night, Mike worked his way back from the verge of extinction (during the first half). Funny that all three of the finalists (Mike, Me and AJ) all had pretty slow starts.

I was really hoping to win and take The Lord and Master Stein™ for the Design Team. But alas, though it changes hands and finally leaves AJ’s clutches, it remains with the Affiliate Support.

Next time, then.

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  1. All is right in the world. The L&M Stein is in the hands of its original, rightful owner. And while the stein may change hands from time to time, mark my words: it will ALWAYS remain in the hands of the Affiliate Relations team. Mwahahahahahahahahaha!

    Mike Reply

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