Poker Night at the Inventory

After buying the game about a month or two ago, Poker Night at the Inventory was released yesterday.

It’s your basic poker game, but with a twist. Your opponents are characters from other video games: Max from Sam and Max, The Heavy from Team Fortress 2, Strong Bad from Homestar Runner, and Tycho from Penny Arcade.

I’m less familiar with Max, but have a fondness/affinity for the others. I’ve been excited to play this game for a while now, and finally got to go a few rounds last night.

Me vs. Tycho, playing head to head.

Overall, it’s a decent enough poker game. The real draw is the characters, the the way they interact with you and one another. Though the dialogue for me is starting to get a little repetitive… I admire the overall way conversations are handled. As characters are talking to one another, they’ll still take actions (folding, betting, checking). The gameplay and movement between hands, along with the chatter, feels really seamless.

Of value to fans of Team Fortress 2, there are four unique items you can unlock from playing. Each new game of poker has everyone getting $10,000 in chips… but occasionally, one character will buy in using an item instead of cash. If you are the one who knocks out that character… you get the item.

I’ve already played several games, and definitely feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. At $4.95, it’s hands down one of the least expensive video games I’ve ever purchased. Check out the trailer if you’re interested. Available for Mac and PCs.

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