Deb and Rey: Celebrating 10 Years of Emmis Interactive

For this year’s Holiday Party, I got to work on a video with James. To celebrate Deb and Rey’s 10 years working together (at Emmis Interactive… we asked folks at work to share some stories and well-wishes.

James, adept as he is at recording audio, set up a mic in a side conference room. Over the course of a week or so, he got a lot of folks to come in and record a few words.

After all the voices were recorded, he weaved them together and created a great 10 minute segment. He paced out all the stories (short and long), and gave a nice structure to what were, essentially, a series of unrelated audio clips. After all the audio was completed, I got the fun job (I mean this in all seriousness) of matching up photos to the voices.

In addition to all the photos I’ve taken over the years, I also dipped in to a few photos from some contacts I have on Flickr. It made for a fun process, slowly piecing photos together to go along with the audio. It was remarkable to see this video take shape in front of me, image by image.

I’m awed by the fact that our company is where it’s at today. From the early days when I first started, all the way until today… it’s an incredible arc. What began as a handful of guys in a back room is now a full company with 50+ employees, and a whole floor of our own at State and Jackson.

10 Years. It feels like a long time, and it also feels like the blink of an eye.

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  1. Great job on this, Felix (and James).

    Brian Reply

  2. Nice video. If I had a heart it would have made me cry. Seriously though…I’m touched that I was included in the montage. It was a lot of fun working and hanging out with everyone ten years ago.

    Anthony Reply

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