Emmis Interactive Holiday Party, 2010

Looking down the hallway to the Annex entrance. For our holiday party this year, we cleared out the area and held the party there.

View of the room. Chris C, Alexandra and Amie put in an increible amount of time making the decorations and setting the place up. There was more than one occassion where I’d see Amie and Alexandra working away in the Large Conference Room, well past the end of the work day. And the day of the party, Chris C was getting a lot of the final touches in order, hours before the event.

Ben, photographed by Allison.

Another shot of the room (with Ben and Allison checking out the Deb/Rey video).

An old joke that involved morphing Deb and Rey’s faces together (aptly entitled “Deborey”).

Deb and Amie, checking out the tickets at the start of the blind gift exchange.

Brian B, showing off a t-shirt he received.

Justin, opening up his gift.

Pete is happy because the title contains the word “dragon.” Justin is sad because the title contains the word “tears.”

All this time, I never realized the Moose has a mohawk.

EI logo!

Delicious finger food.

L to R it’s Petra and Marcel, Brian and… Jenny?

The crowd gathers at the start of “Business Partner Trivia.” What’s that you ask? Well…

Prior to the event, we asked Deb and Rey a series of questions. Neither one of them knew why, but we got their answers together and had them printed up (a la the Newlywed game).

Deb showing her answer to “How often do you talk on the phone?”

Justin, posing for an impromptu photo with Dmitri.

L to R it’s Marcel, Kiran, Kashif and Petra.

Allison and Ben, chatting with the members of Sidewalk Chalk.

Ben had learned of these guys through Kickstarter, and helped fund their first album. As part of the perks of his donation, he got to have them play at an event of his choosing. He was kind enough to pick our work party, and so we had some great music for the second half of the night.

Matt and Renata.

A blurry shot of the room.

Mike and Utopia.

Sidewalk Chalk in action.

Alexandra and Chris C, announcing some of the door prizes.

Another view of the room.

Deb and Kevin, dancing the night away.

We also had a Photobooth in the corner, and I’m looking forward to seeing copies of all the photos that were taken at the party. That’s another photo montage waiting to happen…

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  1. “Deborey” kind of looks like Ray Romano. What’s funny about that is that on Everybody Loves Raymond, the wife’s name was Deborah, and the husband’s name was, of course, Ray. Weird.PS. I wish my holiday party even just looked that cool.

    Marty J. Reply

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