Early Christmas in Georgia, Day 1

The day after we arrived in Georgia (spending an early Christmas with Liz’s Dad, Anne, Isabelle and Jackson) the house was abuzz with activity.

I walked downstairs to see this to-do list posted on the side of the fridge. This is a good list.

The Holders were having a small party in the evening, inviting over some friends, neighbors and co-workers. For most of the day, Anne prepped a lot of food along with Liz and Tricia.



The dining room, ready to receive guests.

This is a Buche de Noel, a traditional dessert served in France. Meant to represent a yule log ready for the fire, this thing was incredibly sweet and incredibly rich.

The living room, bathed in a soft glow.

A quick portrait before the guests show up. Tricia posing with Audrey and baby Sebastian.

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