Early Christmas in Georgia, Day 3

On our last day in Georgia, it was all about the food. Each year Liz makes a fruitcake for her dad, who’s a huge fan of fruitcakes. While I’m not partial to them myself, I have to clarify that this is not your regular, gross fruitcake that most people pinch their nose at.

In addition to the fruit in the cake, there’s also about a fifth of Wild Turkey in this thing. And it’s been sitting and curing for 2-3 weeks. It is, my friends, quite potent. People who normally don’t like fruitcake get a taste of this, and they’re hooked.

One of the gifts we got Kirt was an attachment to his mixer for pasta.

Readying the pasta dough, and about to turn them into noodles.

Isabell and Jackson, helping their dad open up his birthday gifts.

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