Vacation in Kohler, Wisconsin: Day 3

On our last day at Kohler, we had plans for brunch. The place was incredibly packed when we first arrived, but had mostly cleared out when we sat down at our table.

The spread was awesome. They had a lot of everything, and everything was pretty fancy. They had tiny smoothies served in mini shot glasses. Apple smoked bacon and sausage, stuffed brioche french toast. What you’re seeing here is about half of the area – there are two more stations to the right, and at the bottom of the photo is where someone would prepare omelettes made to order.

This whole section was all about seafood. I had to stagger my trips back here, and with each new plate… I switched to a different type of meal. I got my breakfast stuff first, then made my way back for some shrimp and oysters.

After we finished, Julie remarked about how wonderful the oyster shells would be for her garden. On our way out, we asked one of the servers if they kept any of the shells in a separate pile. A long shot, but worth asking.

The server told us no, that it was throw out with everything else. But… would we be interested in all the oysters that hadn’t been eaten? Turns out, they were just going to throw it all out anyway, since they couldn’t keep it. Before we could protest too much, they whisked away the oysters, scooped them out, and gave us the shells.

We were the last ones out of the room (I was secretly proud we closed down the brunch room), and got to walk out with two large, Ziplock bags full with oyster shells.

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