Iggy the Bunny

At work today, we had a special visitor: Iggy the Bunny (whose parents are Justin S and Alexis). Deb was in town, and apparently… she asked for a visit. Throughout the entire work day, Iggy was camped out in Deb’s office (water dish, litter box and all).

Closeup of Iggy the Bunny. I was amazed that Justin was able to hold Iggy like a cat, and that Iggy was so incredibly calm. Neither of our bunnies like being held. They’ll tolerate it, but will jump away the first chance they get.

I was also surprised to hear that Iggy goes outside and stays put. According to Justin, Alexis will be working in the yard and Iggy will just hang out nearby. No fence, no leash… he’ll just stay put.

Given Iggy’s temperment, I wonder if he wouldn’t be an excellent Kaninhopping competitor.

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