New BBC Series: Human Planet

Good lord, this looks amazing! I found out about the BBC series Human Planet through this fantastic post on MetaFilter. The overview video above is pretty good, but the MeFi link has tons of individual clips.

In particular, there’s a scene that captures one day of the year where the Dogon people of Mali fish in a sacred lake. Thousands descend on this small body of water at once, and it’s a stunning sight to behold.

On the official series site, I came across a neat mini-doc featuring the narrator, John Hurt. You may not recognize his face, but his voice is one that I immediately associate with documentaries (along with Sir David Attenborough and F. Murray Abraham).

I know I’m about 11 months early, but this would be a pretty stellar Christmas gift for me. That is, if I don’t buy it for myself before then.

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