Ben’s Haircut

I found out about Ben’s new haircut (or lack of hair) via his Twitter post yesterday evening. I remember yelping in surprise, and calling Liz to come in to the office to look.

Yesterday, thanks to Twitter and Facebook, a lot of folks at work already knew. As Ben walked in, he got a good deal of applause from everyone.

I actually think it looks good on him, and that he pulls if off well. For someone like me who’s had long hair for a long, long time… the idea of shaving everything clean off is kind of fascinating. It’d be like a rebirth, in a way.

My Grandma Phoebe has had a longstanding offer of $200 for me to cut my hair. I’ve not taken her up on it, but I’m pretty certain it’s still something she would honor, were I to do it. Each year when her birthday rolls around, I semi-consider cutting my hair short as my gift to her.

This year, with her 100th Birthday coming up… I’m thinking about it a little more seriously.

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  1. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT! Talk about world-changing. I can hardly even imagine you without those locks!

    Chris Reply

  2. OMG, Felix, I so can’t picture you with short hair. That’s an easy $200 though! Plus I bet it would be hilarious for you to greet friends for the next month – you’d be met with so much WHOA, what happened!?

    Allison Reply

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