Balloons, Drums and Charter Schools

As I was walking to get coffee this morning (near State and Adams), I heard the sound of drums slowly getting louder and louder. I looked up, and saw a large line of people carrying red balloons, led by maybe 20 kids with drums.

I wasn’t quick enough to make it over to the other side of the street, but managed to pull out my camera for a few shots as they walked by.

It was hard for me to make out any of the signs as people walked by. It wasn’t until much later (when I pulled up the photos on my computer) that I figured out what the signs were and meant.

By the time I crossed over, the large line was moving on down the next block.

Digging around a bit online, I found out that Chicago Board of Education was planning on making a decision on whether to increase the number of charter schools. Based on the signs, this group was going to show their support for more charter schools.

Others groups, including the Chicago Teachers Union, are against the idea. They claim that charter schools will divert public funds from existing schools. Rather than allow more schools, they argue for investing more money in neighborhood schools.

More info from ABC 7 and Chicago Tribune.

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