Starcraft II

So I purchased Starcraft II over the weekend, and I’ve been playing it a good deal for the past few days. Keep meaning to do some bigger blog updates, but the game’s been getting the better of me.

It’s been a while since I’ve purchased a game for my Mac (or at least, one that wasn’t from Steam). Really enjoyable to be gaming on a machine again, and I’m finally getting away from playing nothing but TF2 all the time.

I’m making my way through the single player campaign, and it’s been very entertaining. As you decide which planets to visit, you work your way around several parts of a large spacecraft: the armory, the bridge, the cantina, and the lab. Usually, I’m accustomed to there being fancy cinematics and cut-scenes between each campaign… but in this game, there seemed to be a lot more. In just navigating the ship, there are lots of conversations to be had with others on board, and much more of a storyline present.

Haven’t quite got to playing other people just yet, as I’m still getting a handle on the game mechanics. The dialogue is a bit over the top at parts, but on the whole – I’m liking the game a great deal. Forgot how much fun gaming on a desktop can be.

//Edit: Is it nerdy to admit that I got inspired to buy the game after reading this article on AI: Skynet Meets the Swarm: How the Berkeley Overmind Won the 2010 StarCraft AI Competition

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