A 6 Foot Inflatable Monkey

I recently relocated by desk at work. Since I’m now concentrating more on mobile apps, it made more sense for me to be working closer with Jose and Laurence as we’re all focusing on the same areas. This left the desk near Jane and Amie (where I used to sit) empty.

This afternoon, when I glanced over, I saw this. After staring in awe for a while, thisTwitter post began to make a bit more sense.

I’m not sure what spurred the purchase, and am guessing it was to break up the empty space in the middle of the room. I’m guessing it was not a commentary on my work performance… since the monkey only has a banana for a phone, and it’s not even a real banana, and he’s only gotten like 3 of my projects completed. And between you and me, one of them was kind of done half-assed.

I said it before in the office, and I’ll say it again. Chris: your impulse purchases are always good decisions. If, in the future, you ever find yourself in doubt… reflect back to today.

Did I mention the monkey had a Droopy tie on? This is the wardrobe equivalent to a mullet: the tie shows you’re all business, but Droopy shows you know how to have a good time.

Chris and Justin inflating another toy.

Flashback to 2002, when we purchased a DragonBallZ punching doll for the office, complete with automated sayings each time you hit it.

Al, posing with our newest coworker.

Chris and Justin working on the third toy.

This is quite possibly the best superhero group I’ve ever seen: a luchador, a boxer, and a monkey king. This group definitely needs a good name, and a good backstory regarding each of their superpowers.

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