Chicago Blizzard 2011, Day 2: Afternoon

Since we’re working from home today, Chris chatted with me on IM to ask if I wanted to meet up at Longman & Eagle for lunch. It was a short trek (despite the snow), and so Liz and I bundled up and made our way out around noon.

A few smaller side streets had been cleared, but after the mid-morning snowstorm… things were a little rougher than the morning. Logan Boulevard was in rough shape, but it was the main choice for anyone walking. It felt weird to just traipse down the boulevard like this, but there were few cars around.

With me feeling as hungry as I was, it felt a bit like we were living out The Road.

As we continued down the road, we passed by several groups of folks just hanging out. Saw a snowball fight or two on the way.

I’m not quite sure why, but this guy was leaning on a snowbank like it was his couch (his lower half was totally buried in the snow). Whatever he was doing, it looked like fun – since he was grinning, ear to ear.

Another group who had hunkered down in the snow. Winter picnic, maybe?

Middle of Logan Boulevard. What had been mostly cleared was now semi-covered up again.

At Longman, Liz and I met up with Chris, Leslie, West and Elizabeth. We didn’t have any trouble getting a table, but the kitchen was pretty understaffed (according to our server). Which, all in all, was fine as it gave us a bit more time to talk and warm up.

On the way home, we passed by a seriously snow-covered car. I once had the misfortune of getting my car stuck right around here, but that instance involved way more ice than snow.

Back home, Liz jumped in to the banks of snow in the middle of our courtyard. Her feet weren’t quite all the way down to the ground, but my hunch is that if that happened… the snow would have been up to her waist.

There hasn’t been any more gusts or additional snow since this morning. Hopefully, hopefully, this means that we’re now in the clear as far accumulation goes. Like a lot of Chicago businesses… my company is staying closed an extra day, so that the city can finish cleaning up all the damage. We’re still working from home, but I’m not going to turn my nose at another day wearing pajamas to work.

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