Grow Cannon: New Game From Eyezmaze

Grow Cannon
is the latest game from Eyezmaze. I’m a big fan of the guy’s work, and his games have entertainment for countless hours (no kidding).

The games in the “Grow” series all revolve around figuring out the right combinations and sequences. Some games have a very linear storyline (like Grow RPG), while others are a little less straight-forward (like Grow Cube).

Fair warning: trying to figure out the proper sequence can be a bit maddening. I got everything maxed out with the exception of one thing… and it took me nearly 20 more minutes to figure things out. I’m happy to say I did (without cheating too), but it was a bit tough.

Fun, fun stuff. If you’ve never played any of his games before, I would suggest either Grow RPG or Tontie.

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Grow RPG
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Tontie, Revisited

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