L.A. Noire: Video Game With Stunningly Realistic Facial Expressions

L.A. Noire is a upcoming game by Team Bondi and Rockstar Games. When I saw the trailer for it this morning, my jaw absolutely dropped. Set in 1947 Los Angeles, you play a character named Cole Phelps, who begins as a Rookie cop. You work your way up the ladder, until you solve more and more cases.

A lot of the gameplay involves reading other characters, to try to determine whether or not they’re lying. Similar to a game like Uncharted 2, the lines between cinematics and actual gameplay are really starting to blur.

While the background and city and cars all look perfectly from the era, it’s the character faces that stand out. More than any other game I’ve seen, the facial expressions are just stunningly realistic. It’s kind of mind-blowing.

Here’s another video showcasing the technology behind how the character faces look so real:

[via digitalsteven]

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  1. I’ve been reading Raymond Chandler’s “Philip Marlowe” novels lately, and even though this is later than the time period he was writing about in LA crime, it’s not much later. Intrigues me!

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