Coffee Cup Seam and Lid Placement

Whenever we go out for coffee, Liz always makes fun of me whenever I undo the lid and reposition it. I take great pain to put the opening on the other side of the seam, as I’ve spilled a lot of coffee on myself in the past whenever the seam lines up with the hole.

Today, when I went out to get coffee, I looked down and saw this:

Sweet, sweet vindication! Perhaps this coffee lid seam thing is a given thing to most people, but I always felt like I was somehow weird or compulsive obsessive in doing this.

Ahhhh. This is why I keep a blog. Not for documenting important birthdays or events… but for the recording of these incredibly small, incredibly petty victories.

Pareidolia, Coffee, and a Clown in a Gimp Mask
Spilling the (Coffee) Beans

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  1. I also do this as a result of numerous coffee drips on clothing.

    Nathan Reply

  2. I thought I was neurotic. Thanks.

    Anonymous Reply

  3. Current Tim Horton’s CFL cups have football design with the laces on the seam. All I can think is Ace Ventura Pet Detective every time I seem the laces facing in…

    Mark Reply

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