Robotic Avatar Buys Scone From Coffee Shop

When an engineer at Anybots got hungry, he did what any other person would do: he sent his robotic avatar a mile down the street to pick up a scone.

While this is obviously a PR stunt, it’s a delightful one to me. Here’s some video of the whole event (picks up at the 2:00 mark):

Also? I cannot wait for this page to be updated.

[via MetaFilter]

I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

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  1. ZZzzzzz… Call me when this robot can handle a proper monetary transaction. A five dollar bill slipped into a headband? Keep the change on a $2.25 scone? Was this robot specifically programmed to give away its owner’s money? That robot is practically begging to be bullied and shaken down by unscrupulous teenagers out on the street.

    Chris Reply

  2. You’re a tough critic when it comes to these robot-related posts. Perhaps this thing has some kind of fantastic defensive mechanisms built-in?Actually, I’m not sure what that could actually be, beyond some kind of terrific head-butt.I’m still waiting to have that whole “Drive” section up and active, as I imagine it will be hordes of people trying to crash multiple avatars into one another. Or, perhaps, head-butting one another.

    avoision Reply

  3. Guilty as charged. That’s actually pretty funny, because my criticism format is nearly identical. I think the point is that I won’t be happy with robot progress until my useful hand-servant ideals are fully realized.

    Chris Reply

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