Surprised By A Bear Singing “Bears”

I happened to be searching on YouTube for the song Bears, as sung by Lyele Lovett. I know the song through his cover, from the album Step Inside This House (the song was originally written by Steven Fromholz).

So I did track down a version of the song, here:

But then, in the search results, I found this surprising video:

Sung by Mike (aka YouTuber BostonBear), he’s a Bear singing the song Bears. Get it? This, my friends, is pure genius.

While Mike’s voice isn’t quite on par with Lyle Lovett’s, he still earns points in my book for the humor behind this video. It took me a second or two to get it, but once the video started rolling and it dawned on me what was happening… I found myself grinning, ear to ear.

Putting a clip of yourself singing on the Internet is a dangerous thing – the web is full of haters, and full of people whose first impulse is to mock. This video ups that risk, as Mike’s putting both his voice and himself out there. To me, it speaks volumes about how confident Mike is, and how comfortable he is with himself. It’s kind of awesome, actually.

Also? The muscle rippling at the start of the song is hysterical and over the top.

Internet, I love you.

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