Sketches, Tentative Plans

Met up with Rob over the weekend, to kick around an idea I’ve had for a while. We went through a pot of coffee as we chatted, and what felt to me like 30 minutes ended up actually being more like 2.5 hours.

Thinking about collaborating, and getting some prints made. Don’t have details to offer beyond that (mostly because I haven’t really thought it all the way through, yet).

These images are from our first meeting, and they felt like a good starting point. Will be interesting to see how and where this goes…

TLDR: We’re going to put a bird on it.

Rookery Building Print
Rob Funderburk Mural At Nomadic Studio, DePaul University Art Museum
Rob + Third Coast: Book Docs
Third Coast Short Docs Challenge: Book Odds


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  1. Hahaha put on a bird on it…awesome.

    FrauTech Reply

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