A Proposal to Tune the World to F: i am robot and proud

I recently got back into listening to i am robot and proud. In particular, I’ve been looping the first song I heard of his, entitled A Proposal to Tune the World to F.

I learned about the artist way back n 2006, back when one used to do things like order CD’s. I’m happy to see so much of his music available online (and several tracks available, free to download).

While looking around YouTube I happened across this short clip of him playing around with a Tenori-on. Pretty cool stuff:

Interesting sidenote: I was a cellphone holdout, and didn’t get an actual mobile phone until 2006. Roughly about two months after I first heard i am robot and proud. Soon after, I made a short ringtone, made from A Proposal to Tune the World to F.

When I first got my phone, I would hear the tune as a ghost-ring (where I thought the phone was ringing, but it actually wasn’t). Most of that was due to my never having had a phone before. After a few months though, I couldn’t listen to the actual song anymore because it reminded me too much of my phone.

I’m happy to say that now, several phones later… enough time has passed where I no longer have this Pavlovian association with this song and phone calls. In hindsight, my only experience with ringtones taught me that you risk taking a favorite song and diluting it into a mundane task. Suffice it to say I’m re-listening to a lot of older tracks, and enjoying them again. Even if I am, every once in a while, glancing over to my cellphone.

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