You’ll Ruin Your Eyes Doing That…

This is me, sitting WAY too close to my TV so that I can play video games.

Recently, Liz has been working a ton in her off-hours, prepping for a big presentation she has at work next week. She’s been doing six-day work weeks for about two weeks now… and today, she was sitting at the dining room table going over her PowerPoint slides.

In order for me to use the TV, I had to have the sound down pretty low so that Liz could concentrate. To keep a library-like atmosphere for her… I ended up plugging in a set of headphones to the side of the TV. The cord didn’t stretch very far, so I ended up sitting right smack dab in front of the TV.

I have to say – I didn’t mind all that much. It was actually pretty enjoyable, and I’m pretty used to having a humongo screen (with my iMac).

As a kid, I remember always wanting to sit really close to the TV whenever I watched cartoons. And I remember my mom, always telling me I needed to move back more. While I was playing video games today, I couldn’t help but hear her voice of warning. And I have to confess, I delighted in being able to do something I knew was bad for me. But hey – my house, my rules, right?

Now if you’ll excuse me… I’m going to go have candy for dinner.

That Is A Very Large Television

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