Rob Funderburk, Pecha Kucha: 2D Painting as a Response to Physical Environments

After work yesterday, Justin and I went to go see Rob present at a Pecha Kucha event. Entitled Humanity and the Environment, this was a one-off event that took place at a new venue, and was held at the School of the Art Institute.

Walking in, we found Gretchen in the audience and camped out near her. Rob was pacing around a bit, spending time reviewing his slides.

I followed Rob up on stage, and got a quick tour of the stage/setup.

Prior to Rob’s talk, I snuck up closer to take some photos. Given how dark it was, I decided it might be better to try to record his entire talk on video, instead. So for those who weren’t able to attend, here it is:

Unfortunately, it appears that some of Rob’s slides got dropped somehow, when the event organizers were setting up the presentations. You notice it briefly during the talk, but Rob does a good job of adapting and rolling with unexpected change.

If you’re interested in seeing more of his work, check out Rob’s site – he’s got groupings of his design work, illustrations, murals and paintings. The man is prolific, so there’s tons of stuff to look through. You can also keep tabs on what he’s up to via his blog.

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