Wiz Kid Jr., New Android Game by Super Combo Collective

I’m excited to announce that Chris and Matt Miner have teamed up to create a pretty awesome game/app! It’s called Wiz Kid Jr. and it just became available on the Android Marketplace as of Monday!

I got to test out a version of the game a week or two ago, and found it incredibly addictive. There’s a lot to explore in the game, but the primary goal is to locate “totems” of the same color and chain them together. The concept was easy to grasp, but there was an additional layer of gameplay involving “magic spells” that made the higher difficulty levels very fun and challenging.

I had fun playing and, on finishing a game… I immediately wanted to start a new one, just to see if I could top my high score. This was, IMO, a sign of a good game.

Chris and Matt celebrated their launch at Villain’s, where a few of us gathered over drinks and some burgers. Nate is trying out the game on a handheld while Ben is playing the game on a tablet.

It was great to see Matt again, and I got the chance to hear both Chris and Matt talk about the process behind creating the game.

On Sunday evening, the two of them were still sending changes back and forth… and from Matt’s description, it sounded like he didn’t get much sleep at all last night. They officially launched/published the game late Sunday evening, but Matt said he probably slept for all of two hours last night. Too excited.

Both Chris and Matt (now known as Super Combo Collective) describe the game as the realization of a childhood dream. It’s awesome to hear how passionate they are about games, and simply delightful to see how giddy and happy they get, when talking about it.

Nate joined us, and pulled up the game on his tablet device. Matt talked a lot about adjusting/scaling the graphics for these larger dimensions… and how stressed out he was in doing the calculations. Up until tonight, I had only played it on a handheld. Seeing it large on a tablet was pretty awesome (and the gameplay was just as slick).

The two creators, Chris and Matt, posing with their kid.

And of course, no app launch is complete without some celebratory shots of Jameson.

Congrats to both Chris and Matt. I’m excited for you both, and I look forward to having the rest of the world discover this game!

Goodbye, Matt Miner
Working from Chris’ Home
Visiting Nickel City Arcade, Family Entertainment Center

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