Handmade Vintage Dress Giveaway

Liz is participating in an event called May Giveaway Day, where participants give away something handmade via their blogs and online shops.

More dress photos at zilredloh.com

While this wasn’t something Liz made herself, it was definitely hand made. She wore it for our wedding shower, and it’s no understatement to say that she loves the dress a great deal.

That said, she realized there weren’t many occasions for her to wear it, anymore. And so she’s hoping to find it a good home.

Unfortunately, there’s no way I can fit into this guy. Even if fit wasn’t an issue, I’d still be ineligible since I’m married to the judge… so I’m sharing it on here.

If you’re interested (or know someone who might be), please swing on by Liz’s site and leave a comment. While the event is meant to let others learn of new blogs and stores… she’s definitely not in this simply to rack up comments. It’s a special dress to her, and she’s looking for someone else who will love it as much as she does.

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  1. That dress is incredible! It’s amazing to think about how someone invested sooo much time and love into it.

    Xamuel Reply

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