Japanese, Full-Contact King of the Hill

So here’s pretty much my synopsis of what’s going on here: guys are trying to get to the top of a pole. Team A guards the pole with a throng of people at the base. A handful of Team A members are standing on people’s shoulders guarding the middle, and there’s one Team A guy at the top.

Team B rushes in a human wave, and tries to pull everyone down and take over the pole.

In the melee, shirts are ripped off. Team B members run directly at the group and jump, using other people’s backs and bodies as a kind of launching pad. There’s a lot of wrestling going on, and I can’t tell if punches are actually thrown.

Despite what looks like a lot of violence, this seems like it’s pretty fun for the participants. I don’t think I’d ever want to get involved in this (attacking or defending), but would love a chance to watch it from the sidelines.

If anyone knows more about what this is, I’m all ears. Looks like a fascinating event.

[via Ektopia]

Indian Pole Gymnastics

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