Off the Record Collection, By James VanOsdol

My friend and coworker James VanOsdol has just published a book! It’s entitled Off the Record Collection: Riffs, Rants and Writings About Rock. Here’s a blurb:

Off the Record Collection compiles Chicago media personality/author James VanOsdol’s writings about rock and roll in its myriad forms, with special attention paid to classic rock, alt rock, and the dynamic Chicago music scene.

As an active member of the blogging community since 2004, VanOsdol’s turned in a wealth of material about the music he loves, loathes, and simply can’t understand the appeal of.

James has been part of the Chicago music scene for a long while now. He began talking about music on the Chicago airwaves at Q101 in the 1990’s and is, without question, someone who is passionate about music.

Yes, I know James. And yes, we work together. But I say this honestly and without bias: the fact that his Kickstarter Project didn’t get funded was a fucking travesty. His was a project I wanted to see come to light, and it was a damn shame he didn’t hit his goal. So while I’m not able to read the book that he proposed via Kickstarter (someday, though), I’m happy that I have a way to get some of his other writing in print.

Similar to the Kickstarter project, this book is also a self-publishing endeavor (James has been documenting the process on his blog). Though there hasn’t yet been an “official” launch of the book, it’s now available on Amazon, and I hear it’s due out for Kindle pretty soon.

If you’re not familiar with James’ voice (both authorial and literal), then I recommend you check out some of the related links, below. A favorite of mine was the post James did on the physical and emotional bruises of dodgeball. And if you’re curious just what kind of music James is into… well, you should listen to him talk about cassette tapes and his first car.

The biggest selling point for James’ book is, quite simply, his passion for music. For those of you who missed his talk at CHIRP Radio’s First Time series… you need to watch James in action. He talks in great detail about his first car, about growing up in Skokie and, of course, Rush the most technically proficient and amazing band in the history of rock ‘n roll: Rush.

// Edit: That was for you, James.

James is a great guy who loves music. I glad I know him, and I think you’d like him too. Go buy a copy of his book, and you’ll see what I mean.

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