Tiny Signs, Logan Square

On the way to work today, Liz insisted that we swing by the Logan Square Comfort Station – a small building located on a triangular patch of land, nestled between Logan Boulevard and Milwaukee. As we got closer to the building, she kept asking me Do you see it yet?

I didn’t notice the tiny signs until I got really close. But there they were – tucked into the ground, small images mounted on individual toothpicks.

Liz, examining one of the tiny signs.

The more I looked around, the more there were. I felt a bit like I had stepped foot into Lilliput.

The signs were scattered all around, and in total I’d say there were maybe 100 or more. The signs seemed to cluster into different groups, some near the sidewalk and others a bit further into the grassy area.

I didn’t notice any pattern or narrative in the signs. Although, to be fair… I didn’t really closely examine all of them. They just seemed to be different photos from someone’s camera.

The more we looked around, the more we saw. Not sure if this is related to the artist whose work is featured inside the building… but it was a fun thing to encounter.

I pride myself on picking up small little details on my way to and from work. But I totally missed these guys, and wonder if I would have even noticed them on my own. I’m glad Liz spotted them, and doubly glad she made it a point to share them with me on our walk to work.

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