Painting Bedrooms at Ben and Allison’s New House

On Saturday, Chris, Liz and I headed over to Ben and Allison’s new place! They’re currently in the process of moving in, and the three of us were swinging by to help out with some painting.

Inside the front living room, with the door on the left. Great little sunroom in the background.

Dining room. I’m not particularly taken with this photo, but there was a certain feel of the room that I wanted to capture – mostly the emptiness, and the small pile of tools in the corner.

Living room (and with a fireplace, no less). While we were waiting for Allison to return with all the paint, Chris, Ben and I started to relocate some bigger items – storing things in the basement, and moving out a few large cabinets to the garage.

The kitchen, under construction. Ben was working pretty much all day Saturday on getting the kitchen ready – framing out a spot for the dishwasher, putting up cabinets. Lots of things had to be done before the painters arrived next week. He and Allison hired folks to come do the downstairs area, but we were going to tackle the upstairs.

Outside, there’s a great backyard area.

Great hammock an small pond.

After being in the city for so long, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have an actual back yard and this much green. It’s relaxing just to look at.

All five of us ended up taking a lunch break, later on in the afternoon and sat out here. Felt pretty great.

The start of the process. Liz, Chris and I were all working on this room together. Unfortunately, there was a lot of trim to paint around (and the top section had a texture… which made it tricky to paint over). While I thought we made decent progress, it did take us way longer than I thought. I was hoping we’d get through a few of the upstairs rooms, but by the time it got to be 7 or 8PM, we had only completed 1 1/2 rooms.

Finally finished (though the colors look a little off in my photo). The paint was drying strangely, as it looked like there were spots here and there. But once it fully dried, the color evened out and looked a bit darker.

Though I’m bummed we didn’t get more done, I’m happy we were able to help out. The new place looks amazing, and I’m looking forward to coming back with a bottle of wine or two… and give the Husmann’s a proper housewarming toast.

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  1. Thank you so much, Felix and Liz!!! Your efforts were SO appreciated, and it means the world that you both took time out of your Saturday to come help! The room looked great today (and not even a bit of paint odor, yay). I tackled the blue bedroom this afternoon, Ben finished his kitchen carpentry, and thankfully the painter will be there tomorrow afternoon to tackle all those megawatt colors downstairs.Can’t wait to have you guys over for proper drinks and festivity!!!

    Allison Reply

  2. But of course! I’m still bummed we didn’t get more done, but happy to have helped out. You guys have an awesome place (even the garage is awesome), and I’m excited for you both. I know the next month or so is going to be a rough one, but looking forward to the point where you’re finally settled in!

    avoision Reply

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