New Audio Equipment

I was recently inspired by my friend Liam, who purchased a Snowball microphone. I saw a photo he took of his, and it triggered an A-ha! sort of moment regarding a potential project I might undertake.

So after some looking around, I picked up a Snowball of my own, along with a 6″ pop filter. Set it up this evening and gave it a test drive.

The audio came in pretty well, though I ended up having to lean in a lot. Given the height of the guy, I may need to put a few books underneath the stand for it to properly match my height.

I’m pretty excited to be able to play around with this! Through a recommendation on, I’ve been fiddling around with Hindenberg to edit audio.

It’s been a very fun evening, playing with new stuff. Now I just need like a solid week and a half off work, so I can do all I want to do.

// Note to self: Stop thinking like that.

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  1. Awesome, I love buying new audio equipment! Also try out the software called REAPER ( it’s free for personal use and complicated enough if you want to go there. My band used this to record our last few songs and it worked very well for us. I’m intrigued by what your new project will be. :)

    Justin Siddons Reply

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