Month at the Museum 2: Call for Applicants

Guess what? The Museum of Science and Industry is holding another Month at the Museum contest! Given the tremendous success they had last year with Kate, it looks like they’re giving everyone another chance to live inside the museum for 30 days.

You can learn more about the contest details, or you can dive right in and apply now.

A few people have asked me whether I’m planning on re-applying, and I can say once and for all: I’m not. Now don’t get me wrong – I would love another shot at this. I think the experience would still be a singular one, and very cool, cool idea. There’s more at the museum than a person could adequately cover in a month… and staying in the museum like that would make for an incredible four weeks.

I would love to re-apply. I really would. And I haven’t asked or looked into any of the rules, to see if I’d even be eligible. But honestly, I feel like I had my chance. This is a new contest, and calls for a new round of contestants.

I count myself extremely lucky that I made it all the way to the Finals, and doubly lucky that I got to meet some pretty cool people. But it’s definitely right for me to sit this one out.

But all of you? You people reading this? You’re all eligible, and there’s nothing to stop you from being the next Live-In museum guest! There’s a $10,000 prize along with all the tech gadgets that come with the gig – notebook computer, camera, etc. But really, the idea of living inside MSI for an entire month? That’s a prize right there, my friends.

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  1. Man, why did they have to choose October for the month-long stay? I’d be all over it otherwise.

    Melissa Reply

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