The Rabbits Get Overly Medicated

So this is what our night looked like last night. Let me explain.

We’ve been giving Quincy a lot of medication lately. Thankfully though, we no longer have to deal with any injections, which were an incredibly stressful, daily thing for a while.

Liz and I usually take turns, feeding the buns their medication. Baxter has one thing to take, and Quincy has about four. There’s a shared medication that they both take, every other day. This makes for a lot of syringes, and usually takes the both of us to accomplish. Lately, we’ve been managing the multiple steps on our own, and things got a little overlapped last night.

Around 11:30 PM, I went in to the kitchen and prepped all the medication. Shortly after feeding them, I found out that Liz had already fed them earlier, around 10PM.

Luckily, Liz had the good thinking of calling our local Vet (and the 911 phone line they have). When she listed off all the medication, there was one that gave the vets a little pause. Given the double dose Quincy had gotten, we were to keep an eye out for him getting listless or droopy. If that happened, we were to take him in immediately… as that listlessness was the signal for other bad stuff.

So we had two options: drive him in, drop him off, and let the overnight people observe him. Or we wake up periodically, to check and make sure he’s ok. We opted to stay at home (by this time it was already midnight), and we set our alarms for 1, 2 and 3AM.

I’m happy to say Quincy is perfectly normal this morning, and going about his regular routine. He was a little groggy around 1AM, but truth be told… so was I. I stuck around a while to make sure he wasn’t showing any worrisome behavior, and then went back to bed. At each interval (2AM, 3AM), he seemed better than the last.

So all’s well on the rabbit front. The humans, though, are a little sleep deprived.


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